• DW tuning engines and more

    New tuning engines!

    Everything`s just perfect! Performance, drivability and reliability

  • SX-4 Chassis

    Highend without compromises!

    Successes tells its own tale!

  • Hydraulic brake 2015

    The new hydraulic brake!

    Here we could convert all requirements without compromises!



Letzte Neuigkeiten

  • Alloy axle hub rear elevation SX-4 tuning, Set
    2015-03-16 15:04:56

    With the new rear hub elevation it is possible to change the roll center without having to adjust the camber of the rear wheel .The higher the outer pivot point , the more camber change makes the rear wheel during compression. This [...]

  • The SX-4 manual is ready now!
    2015-03-06 13:21:55

    The manual or exploded view for the SX-4 chassis is ready now and available in the download section under "Exploded views chassis” .

  • H.A.R.M. Challenge 2015
    2015-02-08 19:01:40

    Hello Challenge drivers , hi Racer , our planning for the H.A.R.M. Challenge 2015 season is finished ! We are pleased to present you again a great race calendar . The calendar consists of 6 races in the Group Centre / South and [...]