• DW tuning engines and more

    New tuning engines!

    Everything`s just perfect! Performance, drivability and reliability

  • SX-4 Chassis

    Highend without compromises!

    Successes tells its own tale!

  • Hydraulic brake 2015

    The new hydraulic brake!

    Here we could convert all requirements without compromises!



Letzte Neuigkeiten

  • Great success in Australia
    2015-08-20 09:45:37

    The first and third place at the Australian GP " Worlds warm up" was again a great success for HARM Racing! 1st place Matt Kellett3rd place Paul Leaf Milham Congratulations to the driver and a lot of success in the World Championship!

  • Euro 2015 and 1st run German Championship
    2015-08-04 16:03:06

    We have two tiring weeks behind ourselves ....First the Euro in Sollenau / AustriaThe track did a relatively simple impression on the pictures. But this was deceptive very much!It was extremely important to bring an optimal traction [...]

  • SX-4 Setup of Maximilian Hornig
    2015-07-13 17:04:54

    Until now it was successful season for Maximilian. The setup is the result of many tests and races and worked on various tracks perfectly with minimal changes. The results of Maximilian show that very impressive.The SX - 4 of [...]