Letzte Neuigkeiten

  • H.A.R.M. E-Drive chassis wins the overall standings HC Porsche Trophy 2017
    2017-10-08 13:09:04

    Already in the first season with the new E-Drive chassis Jürgen Huss could win the overall standings 2017 in the HC Porsche-Trophy. He impressively demonstrated the performance and durability of the chassis with electric drive. [...]

  • H.A.R.M. Challenge final 2017
    2017-10-05 15:19:27

    Many thanks to Michael Opel and his team from the AMC Mühlau for a very nice weekend! Unfortunately, there were only a few participants left on Sunday evening to celebrate the end of this event with a sensational firework [...]

  • 1. IKM Kart RK-1 GP in Lostallo
    2017-05-26 08:37:46

    The start has been done! The first race of the IKM race series took place in Lostallo. Many thanks to Ernesto, who gave of this new racing class a chance despite the expected low number of participants. And we could have a great [...]