Letzte Neuigkeiten

  • Open House with H.A.R.M. Racing in Gengenbach
    2016-10-08 13:55:28

    Our home fair takes place on November 26th 2016 from 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. Beside extraordinary offers and special discounts you will also get firsthand news and information.On this day the chrismas market Gengenbach will also be [...]

  • Euro 2016 Bologna
    2016-07-25 17:59:41

    Back from the Euro 2016 in Bologna.I would like to say thank you to all H.A.R.M. drivers and mechanics! It was a hot week, therefore it was really hard for the engines, tires and last but not least, for the driver and mechanics. The [...]

  • Current SX - 4 2016 Setup Sheet
    2016-07-08 15:30:51

    With the new parts and changes in the last weeks, we were able to improve the performance significantlyon different race tracks with different drivers.   The new chassis and the new axle hubs front with offset 0 and 6mm castor [...]