Successful start to the season for H.A.R.M. Racing!

Traditionally, the Ernschdi's Large Scale Event takes place over the Easter holidays in Fiorano Italy.
In the meantime, this event has become a very big race with international participation.

We are all the more pleased about the excellent rankings of H.A.R.M. driver

Formula 1 class could with the H.A.R.M. FX-3 clearly dominated!
Tobias Gagesch 1st place
Günther Stärk 2nd place
Tobias Brandlhuber 3rd place

Günther and Tobias drove their first race with the FX-3! Congratulations!

Kart class
Tobias Gagesch 1st place
Thorsten Hoffmann 3rd place
Also here Tobias showed a great performance with the RK-1 Racing Kart!

Stefan Strasser took the outstanding 3rd place in the hobby class.

Tom Haake made the leap into the final in the Expert class, finishing in a very good 8th place in this high-caliber field.

Many thanks to all H.A.R.M. Driver and congratulations to the winners!

Published :, 2019-04-26 20:01:06 Categories : H.A.R.M. News

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