Kart Masters

IKM - Internationale Kart Masters Radio Control scale 1/2,5

Kart Masters the new racing series for everybody!

The term "standard racing class" is now on everyone's mind in the large-scale model scene.

Reduce costs and effort while still enjoying the fun of racing together with other drivers.

With the IKM, there is now a racing series that fulfills exactly these points!

The H.A.R.M. Racing Kart RK-1 was designed from the outset for racing.

The standard equipment is the most important foundation for the "out of the box" racing.

The chassis can and must be used without modification!

- High quality construction in aluminum

- Camber and caster adjustable on the front axle

- Height adjustable on the front axle 

- Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

- Zenoah 26ccm

- Clutch with reinforced spring   

- Airbox

- Tuning pipe

- Bodykit made of glass-clear polycarbonate in order to design the kart according to your own wishes

- and much more....

- original true look
- controllable technology, without dispence racing technology "pure"
- reasonable maintenance costs
- Planning security for a complete season through a clear and tight regulations
- Unified tieres for lower costs and equal opportunities
- race feeling and pure fun!

Race with us! - IKM Internationale Kart Masters Radio Control

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