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SX-5 Chassis wheelbase 535mm

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SX-5 - the next touring car generation of H.A.R.M. Racing

The SX-5 chassis is the consistent development of the successful SX-4 chassis.

The concept of the chassisplate was completely revised and changed. The chassisplate is now much wider and has modified sections for a more even flexural behavior.

The chassis stiffeners have been extended to the rear to ensure more stability.

The rear axle is a complete new design.
The rear crossmembers are now attached with crossbars.
The bearing shells for the differential are one-piece and enable an even simpler change of the differential.
The rear suspension arms were replaced by transverse steering struts.
The rolling center on the rear axle has been changed.

The new motor mounting on the right makes the installation of the motor even easier.

The SX-5 chassis will be delivered with hydraulic disc brake front / rear and Big Bore shock absorbers.

Of course, there is also a conversion kit for existing SX-4 chassis available.

The new setup for the SX-5 chassis is available under the heading "Download Setup Aids".